3 Brands Committed to Sustainable Fashion

During one of my sustainability classes in college, we talked a lot about the responsibility of the consumer to “vote” with their dollars and to make wise, ethical decisions about the brands and products they were willing to support. In reality, it is incredibly challenging to know how and where your clothes, food, and other items are made and whether or not the production practices are promoting social and environmental well-being.

The fashion industry is one of the areas that I have been trying to be more informed about as a consumer- specifically, the amount of waste that goes into processing, dyeing, manufacturing, and packaging clothing that will be last season’s trend in a heartbeat. Although ultimately keeping clothes in good condition and even buying clothes second hand at a thrift store decreases the demand for new clothing, there are companies that are committed to producing new items in a sustainable way! Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing about 3 brands that are dedicated to environmental practices while creating beautiful pieces you’ll want to have in your wardrobe!

1. Sourcery Label

Sourcery Label creates gorgeous clothing that is produced from 100% naturally-sourced silk and certified non-toxic dyes. Each piece is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of dry cleaning, but more importantly, the additional chemicals introduced by this process. Moreover, because you won’t keep a piece of clothing around indefinitely, each item is designed to be biodegradable at end of life so it won’t be sitting in a landfill forever.

I received the Byron shirt in Rose Quartz and I immediately fell in love with how light and soft the material is. Even with sleeves, this top is cool in the summer and the versatile design is perfect for both a casual and more formal outfit. Another detail that I really appreciated in the packaging was that the pouch the shirt came in had suggestions for reuse instead of going straight to recycling!

Head over to https://sourcerylabel.com/ to check out more about this brand and its amazing story!

2. Wastewear


Wastewear is committed to producing new products from recycled materials because they recognize that 95% of textiles are recyclable and currently, only 0.1% make it back into the manufacturing cycle. They take recycled plastic and used textiles and blend them into fibers to create new clothing and products. Using 100% waste, Wastewear is not only saving large amounts of water, but also keeping recyclable materials out of landfills!

The unisex tee in Jaguar is a perfect staple piece for a casual outfit and is also super soft. The ‘It’s Just One Bottle’ Tote is my new go-to bag for carrying groceries or library books and is also the perfect conversation starter!

Check out https://www.wastewear.com/ to learn more!




3. Wooden Ships

Wooden Ships is a Bali-based brand that is currently 85% solar powered and committed to composting all organic materials. With each piece made to order, there is no wasted time or materials on products that may eventually be dumped as extra inventory. Additionally, Wooden Ships is committed to using eco-friendly, quickly decomposing plastic bags for their packaging. In order to further reduce CO2 emissions, retailers are informed about wholesale collections far in advance so that shipping can be fulfilled via sea transportation.

The Serape Mercer Graphite cardigan is perfect for travel as a layering piece. I love pairing it with either a dress or a more casual outfit. I am always cold and this cardigan is so great to put in my bag and have on-hand even during the summer!

Interested in finding out more about their products? Head over to https://www.wooden-ships.com/!


Thank you to Sourcery Label, Wastewear, and Wooden Ships for collaborating with me on this post!

What are your tips for being more sustainable with your fashion choices?




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